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About Us

We are a full-service independent insurance agency conveniently located just off I-94 on main street (Co Rd 9) in Avon. We offer a wide range of insurance products from a great selection of insurance companies. This gives us the ability to offer excellent rates and on-going flexibility because we do the shopping for you!
Having served central Minnesota residents since 1934, our business foundation is built on long-term relationships and referrals. We believe in the Golden Rule – treating people the way we’d like to be treated – which means we value each and every policyholder as both a neighbor as well as a customer. You can trust our proven history of dedicated personal service and our promise to serve our customers with character and integrity.

John Schmidt, Owner/Agent

John is our farm guru, but is also known as “Boss”, “Cap” and “Big Brother” to those of us who interact with him every day. As a third generation Schmidt insurance agent who has been licensed almost since he could legally drive, he is the reason we are all here today. We call him the “face” of Schmidt Insurance Agency. He still does house calls and loves to get to know the client beyond just the insurance aspect.

Lisa Schmidt, Owner/Agent

Lisa is usually quietly working away in the back office much of the time nowadays, but is kind of a rover of sorts. You may find her in one office or the other, and she might be doing any one of an untold number of office activities while there. Scheduling, bookkeeping, marketing, accounting, processing or meeting with clients are all included. Oh, and maybe organizing coffee or lunch runs – because that’s important too.

Patricia (Pat) Frieler, Agent

Pat gets more done every day than normally possible! She is the main one shopping for the best options to fit our clients with the right Homeowners and other personal lines policies, along with a wide variety of other daily things like keeping everything flowing and making sure the volumes of paperwork gets into their proper place. She cares deeply about our clients and our staff and so we sometimes like to call her “Mom.”

Jessica A. Nierenhausen, Agent

We often call Jessica our “sparkler.” She brings a lot of energy and interest to our office environment every day, and to pretty much everything she does! Jessica is the first person that will typically greet you on the phone or if you swing in to make a payment or just say hello. Her main focuses include Home & Auto Insurance, Recreational Vehicles, Boats, Motorcycles, and taking great care of every caller (but that’s only the beginning of the list of ways she keeps this place running smoothly).